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Health & Wellness Directory

Searching for wellness companies should be an easy task. That's why we created this online health & wellness directory. Our goal is to provide you with one place to look for information about wellness companies and the types of wellness programs they provide.

Health Fairs and Corporate Wellness

featured Horizon Wellness Group - Health Fairs

Horizon Wellness Group is a company that creates Wellness Fairs for corporations. HWG brings local experts and providers to your employees helping them toRead more

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featured Vivo Corporate Wellness Solutions

Vivowise – Full Service Wellness Solutions

Contain risk and reduce healthcare spend by creating a culture of well-being with Vivo Health Solutions.

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WellDirections Logo

WellDirections – It is All Right Here

Whether you need a simple wellness tracking system or a robust, full-scale program, WellDirections takes a consultative approach to customize your program to meetRead more

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Health Screening & Flu Shots View All

featured EHMS biometrics flu shots

Employee Health Management Systems

EHMS offers a wide variety of employee health and wellness products and services. Click on any of the links below to learn more aboutRead more

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featured Midland Health Testing Services

Midland Health Testing Services

Midland Health Testing Services is an onsite biometric testing company. We specialize in health screening, flu shots, health risk assessment and all aspects ofRead more

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Live Healthier - Health Screening

Live Healthier

Live Healthier is a wellness company offering various wellness programs including: Health Risk Assessment HRA Health Screening Health Coaching Health Fairs Online wellness Programs

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Corporate Fitness View All

featured L & T Health and Wellness Company

L&T Health and Fitness

L&T Health and Fitness (L&T) is a certified women’s business enterprise providing fitness and health management services, health and wellness program design and delivery, and facility designRead more

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The Mile Club Challenge Employee Fitness Program

The Mile Club Challenge Employee Fitness Program

Fun and Effective Exercise Motivation for your Employees .

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Corporate Fitness Works

Corporate Fitness Works

Corporate Fitness Works provides nationwide corporate fitness consulting and management services. We have experience working with many types of clients to develop and manageRead more

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Health & Wellness Directory Features

Our directory of wellness companies includes the following: wellness company name, address, phone number, company website, hour of operation, directions to the business, user generated ratings and reviews, a sortable directory, pictures of the business and/or their website, links to Twitter and Facebook pages and a share button so that you can easily forward information to your friends, family and colleagues.

Wellness Company Ratings and Reviews

Wellness company ratings and reviews are not something you find very often. Here we allow registered users to post ratings and reviews about the organizations we have listed here. This type of information can be helpful in deciding which organizations to contact and which to avoid. With that in mind we encourage you to participate on the website and post your own ratings and reviews of the wellness companies you've worked with.

We also make it easy for you to share the information found here with friends, family and colleagues. Each of listings in our health and wellness directory includes a "share" button so you can add a link to your favorite book marking site, Facebook, Twitter, blog and more. So, please add your comments, reviews and ratings. By doing so you'll make our wellness company directory that much more useful for others.

Wellness Directory

Our health & wellness directory is designed to provide you with information about health promotion and wellness companies. The wellness companies are listed by the type of wellness programs that they offer.

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