EHMS offers a wide variety of employee health and wellness products and services. Click on any of the links below to learn more about corporate health and wellness programs that can help your business lower health costs. For more information about any of our wellness solutions please contact an EHMS wellness expert.

Biometric Testing

EHMS provides programs with considerable insight into the long-term health risk status of employees. With this information employers can make wise decisions regarding the integration of benefits and utilization of healthcare resources. EHMS has successfully helped clients combine quality employee health information with effective intervention strategies to maximize the impact of a corporate health promotion program.

Employee Health Training and Education

It is a proven strategy to increase employee productivity via training. EHMS offers a large number of training programs covering various topics from health education to leadership concepts. We utilize prove teaching methods that both engage the student and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. At EHMS we recognize that all group-learning environments are not the same so clients can select a delivery format that will be effective in meeting your organizational needs.

Health and Wellness Program Consulting

EHMS s consulting services help clients focus their decision-making to achieve the maximum return on investment ROI for time a dollars spent. EHMS consulting services include

  • Program Marketing Internal/External
  • At-risk Behavior Follow-up
  • Online Wellness Solution Planning
  • Data Management/Analysis

Our experts effectively link together information processes and tools to ensure the successful development and implementation of preventative health programs.

Employee Health Promotion Administrative Services

Our solutions such as employee support and wellness fair set up were developed with a clear understanding of how to make a Wellness program implementation most efficient.