Employee-Wellness-Programs.com is one of the fastest growing Wellness Consulting companies in the United States. As an independent wellness consulting company we are affiliated with more than 100 of the world s top corporate wellness companies.

We assist organizations in their efforts to find the best possible wellness programs and health promotion initiatives for their specific population. Being an independent wellness consultant means that we are not married to any single wellness company or solution.

Few wellness companies take an independent approach to their work. Instead most have to offer single solutions which help their bottom-line not their client s. We choose to put the client first and do what s best for them. As the name implies we specialize in employee wellness programs.

With our extensive network of participating wellness providers we find wellness programs to fit any size employer in any North American location and many other international locations. Some of the programs and services available include:

  • Behavior Change Programs smoking cessation etc.
  • Custom Wellness Calendars
  • Employee Wellness Newsletters
  • Executive Wellness Programs
  • Gym Discounts
  • Health Coaching / Wellness Coaching Programs
  • Health Fair Management
  • Health Risk Assessments / Health Risk Appraisals
  • Health Screening / Biometric Testing
  • Incentive Based Wellness Programs
  • Online Wellness Programs
  • Onsite Corporate Fitness Programs
  • Onsite Corporate Massage Programs
  • Onsite Wellness Coordinator Staffing
  • Points Based Tracking Systems
  • Wellness Challenges / Wellness Competitions
  • Wellness Program Consulting
  • Wellness Seminars & Lunchtime Learning Seminars

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