L&T Health and Fitness (L&T) is a certified women’s business enterprise providing fitness and health management services, health and wellness program design and delivery, and facility design and consulting services to organizations nationwide.

L&T’s current fitness and health promotion clients include Fortune 100 corporations, multi-cultural organizations, financial institutions, the U.S. military, federal and state governments, hospitals, universities, non-profit organizations, community and residential/office management corporations.

Management Operations: L&T manages more than 50 fitness/wellness centers in twelve states and the District of Columbia. Our current contracts serve more than 93,000 client employees and community participants. Fitness and health management service includes: strategic planning; facility design; hiring, training and evaluating staff; targeted fitness/wellness programming; financial management; recreational programming; exercise class instruction; pool management; data collection and reporting.

Health Promotion: L&T’s programs are designed to promote healthy and safe lifestyles, behavior modification, personal resilience and an overall sense of well-being. Services include: health education seminars; weight management; health risk appraisals; health screenings that include blood pressure, body composition, cholesterol, PSA and bone density; resting metabolic rate (RMR) measurement; and interactive, educational health fairs.

Facility Design and Consulting: L&T works closely with the client, architects and engineers, equipment and other vendors to ensure that each facility is designed for maximum participation and function and is safe and welcoming. L&T conducts a demographic and organizational analysis, provides space planning and floor plan design, and gives equipment recommendations that match organizational needs.

Fitness Instructor Training: L&T trains the U.S. military, law enforcement personnel, and other organizations to become personal trainers, advanced exercise specialists and lifestyle and weight management consultants. L&T also trains our employees with this American Council on Exercise (ACE)–approved health/fitness instructor training program.