A wellness directory is a listing of wellness companies and other organizations that provide wellness programs and/or services.  Not all wellness directories are created equally.  Some are nothing more than a simple list while others can be comprehensive and provide many details about the wellness companies in the directory.

Wellness Directory Features

Our Wellness Directory is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  Our focus is on organizations that provide corporate wellness programs and services.  Some of the items you may find in our directory are the following:

  • Wellness Company DirectoryBusiness name
  • Business address
  • Telephone number
  • Website link
  • Contact email address
  • Comprehensive description of the services and programs offered
  • Photos of the business and/or website, logos, etc.
  • Facebook and Twitter links
  • Hours of operation
  • Coupons and other specials if applicable
  • User generated ratings and reviews
  • A company video or promotional video
  • Google Maps directions to the business

Our Wellness Directory is categorized by the type of wellness programs and can be sorted by name, ratings and/or reviews of the businesses.

The user generated ratings and reviews provide a great way to learn about others experience with a company.  Users must register before being able to post ratings and reviews, but anyone can participate.  We believe that this type of information can be very useful to some looking for and evaluating the products, programs and services available from the companies listed here.

The goal of our Wellness Directory is to provide a simple but comprehensive resource that will simplify the process of finding, evaluating and contacting health promotion providers.  It also is a nice adjunct to the free wellness quotes services we provide through our main website.  We find that some people and organizations prefer to contact companies directly versus using our quote service which is one of the reasons we created this directory.

Our Wellness Directory also provides a great way for companies to market their services to possible clients and purchasers of programs and services.  Since we are the number one ranked website for many industry keyword phrases it can be very helpful for companies to be listed in our directory.  Further, getting a link from our website to theirs can help their website perform better in the major search engines.

We welcome your comments, questions and advertising inquiries.  Feel free to contact us using the various methods found on our website – email, telephone and/or the contact form.  We look forward to working with you and encourage you to participate on the website by registering and posting ratings and reviews of the companies listed here.  With your help we can make this wonderful resource even better.